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We are excited to join forces with Washington Peace Center to sponsor the re-opening of the "Electric Maid" community storefront!
The Electric Maid was created to further the cause of socially responsible community development by creating a "community living room" (also called a "Third Place" or community free-space) in a developing mixed use, pedestrian friendly, arts-oriented, transit accessible community on the edge of the nation's capital.
Coming soon, we will have information on this page about our Capital Campaign and community fund drive.  Stay Tuned...

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MAIN: (202) 545-3980   —  DIRECT: (301) 512-7250   —  TREASURER: (410) 303-7736  


Friends of Old Takoma, Inc. is a 1023-pending not-for-profit corporation in Takoma Park, Maryland and the District of Columbia which is fully sponsored by the Washington Peace Center, a tax-exempt 501-(c)3 charity headquartered in Washington, DC.

All tax-deductible contributions for the purposes of funding the Electric Maid project and related programs in Washington DC should be made out to Washington Peace Center, our 501-(c)3 fiscal agent, with the memo "FOOT" or "for Electric Maid":

Washington Peace Center, 1525 Newton St NW, Washington DC 20010

Contributions to our fund drive (made out to Peace Center) and all other correspondence should be mailed directly to Friends of Old Takoma Inc. at the following address:

Friends of Old Takoma Inc.  
c/o  Dr. Carol Goter Robinson,  Treasurer
7409 Maple Ave, Takoma Park MD 20912

Please visit our storefront headquarters and flagship project in Takoma DC at the Electric Maid Community Exchange, 268 Carroll St. NW, Washington DC 20012.  For more information, call us at (301) 512-7250 to speak to our Director of Community Outreach & Development.

Friends of Old Takoma (FOOT) is a bi-jurisdictional community organization dedicated to sustainable community development.  We are licensed in DC and MD for the purpose of operating the Electric Maid, Takoma Community Exchange network, and related projects which are directly managed by participants, volunteers and officers of Friends of Old Takoma Inc., pursuant to by-laws.

"Electric Maid" and the "Takoma Community Exchange" are d/b/a names authorized by Friends of Old Takoma, Inc. for the purpose of fostering and maintaining a "community living room" (a project of our organization which includes gallery, assembly and activity resource space and related programs and services) in the Takoma neighborhood of Washington, DC.

The "Electric Maid" is named after the former Electrik Maid vegetarian diner located in Takoma Park, MD from 1932-1982. The "Takoma Exchange" is an informal community support network composed of community residents in Takoma, DC and surrounding area which is modeled after the P.E.N. Exchange in nearby Takoma Park, MD. All rights are respectively reserved.

1999-2009 Friends of Old Takoma, Inc.  (FOOT)  all rights reserved.